Enjoy Never-Ending Views in an Infinity Swimming Pool

One of the latest trends in pool design is the infinity swimming pool, which seems to extend all the way to the horizon. Infinity swimming pools, sometimes known as "vanishing edge pools," "disappearing edge pools" or "negative edge pools," are appearing increasingly at exotic resorts, luxury hotels and high-end estate homes. Some infinity swimming pools are skilfully situated so that they appear to merge seamlessly with a nearby lake or ocean.

Often, infinity swimming pools are built on properties on elevated hillside locations, such as cliffs or mountaintops, so that the field of view from the pool seems to extend all the way to the sky. Such locations require a great deal of structural engineering, both for the long-term stability of the pool's foundation as well as to avoid damage in the future.

If you are considering adding an infinity swimming pool to your own property, you can find resources and design ideas right here. Get inspired, and add an infinity swimming pool as a water feature that takes advantage of your terrific views.